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After employing drones to shoot VFX material for a feature film I felt inspired to add a DJI Mavic Pro to my photography toolkit. I love being able to put a camera in the sky for some unique compositions. I also really enjoy exploring the moving image and have had a lot of fun and satisfaction learning some aerial cinematography techniques!

Mary's Shell

Shot on a beautiful, but extremely windy summer's evening in Cleveleys on England's north west coast. Mary's Shell is an icon in the region. A nine foot diameter sculpture that spends much of it's time submerged in the sea. I was lucky enough to catch it gleaming in the setting sun.

Fleetwood Shipwrecks

In between rain showers me and my dad took a wander to try and find these old, abandoned vessels in Fleetwood, on the north west coast of England. Most you could see from the ground, gently decaying as the years passed by, but some were harder to spot - their hulls almost fully submerged in the marsh. However the drone gave the perfect bird's eye view, revealing their fish bone like shapes and interesting texture.

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