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The Book of Boba Fett (2021)

Virtual Art Dept Supervisor

The Book of Boba Fett was my first experience as a VAD supervisor. Working alongside the team from Happy Mushroom our job was to take the concepts from Doug Chiang's art department and, under Production Designer Andrew Jones, turn them into full 3D environment designs in Unreal Engine. These environments were then location scouted and further developed in VR sessions with all the key creatives on the show, including DPs David Klein and Dean Cundey as well as directors and exec producers David Filoni, Robert Rodriguez and John Favreau. These UE environments would then serve as the foundation for the LED content - which was developed to final execution by ILM's environments team.

As well as helping artists in the VAD with feedback and methodology guidance I also developed several sets seen in the show. This ranged from early look development and tests, full 3D real-time UE sets as well as creating several matte paintings for the many exterior environments. 


Seen here in the final shots, these are some of the sets I did development work for as a VAD Supervisor on the show. This included informing overall design, helping to figure out on set execution as well as establishing the lighting, mood and aesthetic intent of the environments.

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