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The Mandalorian Season 3 (2023)

Virtual Art Dept Supervisor & UE Content Supervisor

As a Virtual Art Department (VAD) Supervisor on the show, my role was to work closely with production designers Andrew Jones and Doug Chiang to help realise their designs as full 3D, real-time environments. Using Unreal Engine, the VAD creates the numerous environments that are then developed as LED Volume sets. The VAD process involves scouting in VR to faciliate interactive design sessions for all the key creatives on the show, including episode directors, show runners and the director of photography. 

During the VAD pre-production phase I also worked on the virtual art direction for all of the Mandalore surface Volume sets. This included creating real-time environments and 2.5D digital matte paintings that were then used as a solid foundation and visual target for the LED content creation process.

Once the VAD had wrapped my role transitioned into being on set as a Content Supervisor. Working closely with the Production Designer, DPs and VFX Supervisor, my role was to supervise a team of artists and tech artists and further develop loads created in Unreal Engine in the VAD and make sure they had sufficient visual fidelity and were optimized such that they could be shot during principal photography.  

The images below show some of the Mandalore sets that I worked on in the VAD. These are the final LED Volume versions of the designs which were developed by the content creation team.

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