Santa Carla Skateshop

Unreal Engine 4 Personal Project

The Santa Carla Skateshop was born out of a desire to learn Unreal Engine 4. I wanted to produce something that would allow me to explore creating low resolution models with normal mapped detail, pbr shading as well as light baking, atmospherics and post production/screen space techniques. The goal was to create an immersive, atmospheric environment in an art directed style that complements my illustration work.

I originally chose to create a skateshop as is would allow me to heavily re-use a few modular assets and produce an end result quickly - since the main aim was to learn the software. However the skateshop quickly became a passion project where I created dozens of bespoke assets, 2D graphic elements and sixty unique skateboard designs. 

The environment is almost complete and I am currently working on a flythrough rendered sequence. Once ready I will post the video sequence, more stills and breakdown images. In the meantime check out my Artstation gallery where you can see many of the individual model assets HERE

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