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Transformers The Last Knight (2017)

Generalist Supervisor

Transformers The Last Knight was my third time working on the Transformers series of movies. This particular installment presented the unique challenge of depicting the planet sized Cybertron and having an epic battle sequence take place on its surface as it collides with the Earth. My job as Generalist Supervisor was to figure out the best methodology for creating these battle vistas to augment live action plates and full CG shots. I also executed several one off hero shots of Cybertron for the movie.

The process began with a visual development stage where we tackled the bigger technical hurdles as well as creating images that help find the look of Cybertron. Once we got into shot production the challenge was to manage whole sequences of shots that heavily featured our Cybertron work, as well as tackling everyday VFX challenges such as plate extension and digital matte painting work. 

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