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Vader Immortal Ep 1 (2019)

Generalist Artist

Vader Immortal is an immersive VR experience which is set on the fiery planet Mustafar. Working with ILM's XLab for the first time, I was responsible for creating two large matte painted skyboxes for the experience. The first is the meteor filled outer space environment we see at the beginning of the game, and the second is a vertigo inducing lava field vista seen as you climb the side of Vader's tower.

Working in a realtime project environment was a great experience which provided unique challenges. Also viewing my work in VR was immensely satisfying and something I'm keen to do more of. 

The lava landscape was created using a mixture of 3D geometry and heavily treated photo elements which were then augmented to create a full 360 degree matte painting. 

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