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Santa Carla Video City

Unreal Engine 5 Personal Project

Santa Carla Video City is an ongoing personal project which expands upon the world I started when I created the Skate Shop. Using Unreal Engine 5 my goal is to fill the shelves and walls of the environment with unique poster designs and VHS covers that pay homage to the movies and genres that have fired my imagination since I was a kid. It is proving to be an immense undertaking but I'm having a lot of fun creating it. 

I'm also using this project as an excuse to rediscover traditional artwork techniques that I haven't practiced since my teens, plus learn a few new ones. Many of the video art illustrations are created using inks, acrylic paints (including learning the airbrush!) as well as building models which are then lit and photographed. I also plan to film a series of movie teaser trailers that will be displayed on the video store's giant CRT TV wall! 

Below are a few preview images. Once the project is complete I'll update this page with the final renders.

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